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Episode 79 Notes

@majornelson: DAYTONA USA, Stacking and Tower Bloxx Deluxe, Darksiders, Darksiders II and Assassin's Creed Revelations  

@majornelson: April #GamesWithGold starts off with Ryse: Son of Rome & Darksiders, followed by TWD: Season 2 & AC Revelations 

S&S out on Vita Tuesday 

Speaking of game announcements, lethal League coming in May! 



Electronic flying ban (which probably won’t affect you) 

Nioh patch notes (we can pause!)
Andromeda harassment response 

Death Note trailer reaction 

Destiny 2 placeholder 

Bloodstained switches to Switch 

JoyCon issues finally mentioned, addressed 

Blizzard releases Orisa live, aims at reducing ties. 

Xbox allows custom gamer pics and tournaments 


Jontron comments about immigrants get him kicked off Yuka Laylee 

Gamestop closing 2-3% of stores