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Episode 69 Notes

Switch News! 

Re: the online service:  
"Subscribers get a NES or SNES game with newly-added online play(!!!) for free FOR A MONTH." #NintendoSwitch  
Nintendo stock fell 6% during the presentation  
Bomberman R has microtransactions (Thanks, Konami) 
No miiverse, no Street Pass 
Fire Emblem direct next Wednesday
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove 
@majornelson: Strania, The Splatters, Scrap Metal and Ghostbusters, Dragon Age Origins, Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 & Battlefield 3, MEGA MAN 9, MEGA MAN 10 and Beat'n Groovy  

Scalebound cancelled ( last survivor from E3 2014 ) 

Guerrilla Cambridge shuts down
Kevin wants a Steam game
Legend of Bumbo officially announced 

Rebirth now on iOS