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Episode 65 Notes

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Episode 65: 

Snakemadnessproductions playthrough of Donkey Kong Country 2 on twitch
Playstation Plus games for December 2016

PS4: Invisible, Inc., Stories: Path of Destinies
PS3: Hyper Void, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops
Vita: Color Guardians, VVVVV  
Games With Gold offerings for December 2016
X1: Sleeping Dogs, Outlast
360: Outland (May 2012), Burnout Paradise 

@majornelson: Oblivion, MOH Airborne, Trine 2 and Astropop, Injustice: Gods Among Us (incl disc only Ultimate Ed) & Haunted House 

Free Titanfall 2 multiplayer
New Overwatch meta in PTR: Soldier buffed, Ultimate timers reset and Symmetra gets new abilities 

Overwatch group update, Oasis map announced for early 2017 

Forza Horizons 3 Blizzard expansion announced, December 13 release 

Ubisoft's VR experience will all be cross-platform, starting with Eagle Flight 

Last Guardian's Ueda wrote a “please be excited" letter 

Facebook gets gaming classics on messenger 

Stardew Valley coming to consoles 

Ark: Survival Evolved comes to PS4 December 6 

Lara Croft Go coming to PS4/Vita 

Red Dead Redemption coming to PlayStation Now 

Walking Dead 3 has a variety of ways to retain your previous choices 

Bulletstorm: Full Clip April 7, Duke Nukem w/pre-order 

Rocket League new arena, Starsomething Arc coming December 7th 

Guardians of the Galaxy telltale (we knew that already, right?) 

Shovel Knight prequel, Specter of Torment 

Danganrompa 1 and 2 comes to PS4 March 14 


Overcooked free holiday DLC 

PSX news: 
Last of Us 2,  
Nier: Automata March 7 launch
Lara Croft Go available today
Let It Die available for free starting today
RE7 demo on the store today free
HD Wipeout collection coming to PS4
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 available now
UMvsC Infinite announced
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Knack 2 exists
Nex Machina