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Episode 67 Notes

@majornelson: BioShock, BioShock 2 & BioShock Infinite, Lost Odyssey (currently free), Blue Dragoon Skydive, Planets Under Attack and CLANNAD (Japan Only), Bully Scholarship Ed., Catherine and Raskulls  

50%, according to @Xbox, 300+ titles 

Speaking of Xbox percentages… 

Free Stuff! Ubi gives you everything 

Operation Infinite Freedom 

Dragon Quest Builders follow up 

Crytek employees getting screwed out of paychecks… again. 

Occult Rift introduces theater mode on Xbox 

Valkyria Game coming to PS4… and Vita Spring 2017 
Yooka Laylee launches April 11, not coming to Wii U 

Overwatch holiday season started! Tjorborn is Santa, as expected, and patch updated 

Turtle Rock developing “dark fantasy” FPS title 

8 bit releasing Ocarina of Time 

For Honor DLC/maps still all be free, but the single player campaign requires internet connection