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Episode 66 Notes

@majornelson: Shadowrun, Space Ark and Shotest Shogi 

Red Faction on PS4 last week 

Xbox got Abzu 

Excitebike 64 on Wii U 

PS4 sold numbers up to 50M, surpassing SNES. #KevinWasRight 

AB+ coming to steam in January
FFXV post-release plans laid out. They're going to patch the story…
December 17, Nostalrius returns 

I'm pretty sure that's Box Boy 3 

Russia wants to censor FIFA. Good job, FIFA 

@skastudios: In case you missed us at PSX, we are aiming for a PSVita release date of Q1 2017 

3DS hacking could be profitable 

Free Hitman Christmas DLC for world cancer research fund 


Doom multiplayer gets bots 

Same patch drops Denuvo 

Battlefront 2 single player campaign confirmed (Also, fuck EA for putting out games with the SAME BLOODY NAME. That shit is a huge pita to Google)
China passes law regarding loot boxes, gambling odds in games 

Neir demo December 22nd 

Super Mario Run in Apple stores because they weren't already crowded enough… Also, the game requires a constant connection
Elite Dangerous coming to PS4
GameCube emulation on Switch