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Episode 61 Notes

That next game, which will be multi player and multiplatform 

@majornelson: Blue Dragon, Limbo is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today  

Bastion coming to X1 December 12, free for 360 users at first, includes DLC 

November 9th, Blood Dragon free on PC fromUbisoft 

Jackal assault VR Experience (CoD:IW) free to PS4 users 

Windows 10 IW users cloistered away 

BlizzCon news (Sombra, Diablo remade in Diablo 3, Rise of the necromancer expansion, Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan) 

Division 1.4 patch scales enemies, reduces need to go in the Dark Zone 

Owlboy gets Steam release 

Project GG by ENB 


Steam charges for items it doesn't yet have. (Bank run?) 

Steam screen cap pictures thing 

Blaster Master Zero 

Zero Escape series coming to PS4 and PC, 999 to Vita also