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Episode 63 Notes

@majornelson: Dead Space Ignition and Escape Dead Island, Omega Five and Military Madness  

Xbox live Gold Deals push 

Possible backwards compatibility labeling
Guardians of the Galaxy by telltale 

Breath of the Wild will not be ready for Switch launch 

Zelda Escape Room 

Pokemon third edition: stars
Super Mario Run $10, December 15 

Minecraft expansion 

Some games run worse on PS4 Pro than PS4 Slim 

Eve Online F2P detailed, enacted 

Game Awards coming December 1, Hideo Kojima to get his award there 

Persona delayed to April (for bullshit reasons) 

Don't share Watch Dogs 2's nudes 

Ubisoft execs accused of insider trading 

Titanfall 3 uncertain
Fallout 4 mods I PS4 are live now 

Dishonored 2 receives New Game + Via a patch