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Episode 60 Notes

Games With Gold:  
Super Dungeon Bros - Xbox One
Murdered Soul Suspect- Xbox One
Monkey Island - Xbox 360
Blood Dragon - Xbox 360

PS+ Offerings
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture - PS4
The Deadly Tower of Monsters - PS4
Dirt 3 - PS3
Costume Quest 2 - PS3
Letter Quest - PS Vita
Pumped BMX+ - PS Vita
@majornelson: RAGE, Killer Is Dead and Shred Nebula 

Gamestop now taking retro games everywhere ( 

@PlayStation: The King of Fighters '94 hits PS4 on Oct. 27: More Neo Geo classics like Samurai Shodown & Metal Slug will follow  

Kingdom Hearts collection coming to PS4
Rebirth coming to iOS, already approved by Apple 

Overwatch rankings adjustments 

Bethesda thinks it deserves your pre-order 

Evolve takes its final form 

Switch has no physical backwards compatibility, limits digital for Wii U and 3DS to “single screen experience" 

Further Switch news coming in January, release date, price, launch titles
FFXV getting multiplayer co-op DLC 

Titanfall maps/modes to be free 

Abzu's coming to physical media and X1 

Arena to allow player-generated tournaments on X1 in 2017
@majornelson: From the #MicrosoftEvent Gamer created tournaments in Arena are coming to Xbox Live in 2017