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Episode 57 Notes

@majornelson: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Puzzle Quest Galactrix & PQ 2 

First Darkest Dungeon DLC announced: The Crimson Court 

Special achievementI sound 

Yooka Laylee gets physical release 

Escapists 2 announced 

Mankind Divided gets full HDR support on consoles 

Danganronpa coming to PS4 in 2017 

Cricket wireless no longer supporting Pokemon Go? 
Rare pokemon becoming easier to catch, probably
FNAF “too dark" for release? Prediction: bullshit 

October 13th, one PvP mode open 

Bethesda Mods finally coming to PS4* 

Beyond Good and Evil free on PC 

Dungeon Keeper free from EA 

Pokemon Sun/Moon demo for my birthday 

Overwatch's 2 upcoming heroes & 6 maps 

Jade Empire on iOS 

Arrests made of DDoSers 

For Honor loses split screen functionality 

DC RPG out on November for mobile 

Sparcade: bet on your Pacman skills 

Mafia 3 racism statement (Also, watch Luke Cage) 

Miguel brings the Tekken 7 roster to 33