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Episode 56 Notes

Games With Gold
Playstation+ Oct Offerings  
Resident Evil - PS4
Transformers: Devastation - PS4
Mad Riders - PS3
From Dust - PS3
Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth - PS Vita
Actual Sunlight - PS Vita
Echo apology
Call of Duty: World at War, Lost Odyssey, Toy Story 3 and Guwange backwards compatible 

Shovel Knight appears in Yooka Laylee 

N64 emulation certified, then pulled from Microsoft Store 

Destiny 2 rumours abound 

I Ludicrous Destiny Puzzle solved: 

Advertising Standards investigating Man’s Sky 

Nidhogg 2 announced 

Lol video game porn 

Hearthstone update 

Bulletstorm by Gearbox 

Battleborn going free to play, but not “free to play” lolwut 

FF trading card game is being translated, Oct 28 

Mods for BlOps 3 on PC 

Super Mega Baseball 2 exists 

Paladins coming to console 

Manuals, CRT, save states for mini NES 

Twitch Prime / Amazon Prime 

Patron of War for linking accounts 

December 3, 4 PSX 

Video games “too pretty", blamed for bad economy