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Episode 54 Notes

McMillen's mystery project revealed!


Mass Effect auditions

Specter Knight campaign coming Spring 2017

Last Guardian delayed until December 6

PS4 system 4.00

PSVR demo disc contains 18 games in the US

RE7 demo got all PS4 user's

RPG Maker on iOS

HBO & Cinemax on Vue, HBO Now on PlayStation

Farming simulator comes to PS4 with mods

Taco Bell PSVR sweepstakes

X1 NES emulation (Patrick, please test)

Titanfall card game coming, obviously

Sega does what Nintendon't (like their own fans, for example)

Pokemon Go handing out free candy

Name changes available from Blizzard

Feb 9, Nioh

Yakuza 6 to have no loading screens

Steam trying to negate review shenanigans

Game dev sues for Bad press (again)

Follow up

King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon


Harambe in Street Fighter