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Episode 52 Notes

@majornelson: Forza Horizon (SEP #GamesWithGold) & Castle of Illusion*
@majornelson: Firewatch is coming to Xbox One 21 September and features new free-roam and commentary modes  

CallofDuty: #InfiniteWarfare's multiplayer beta will start on October 14th for #PS4! At least 3 days on Xbox, no PC

Overwatch Free Weekend 

Duke Nukem 3D remake details

Quantum Break editions delayed

Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition October 13

Rigs gets single player campaign 

Eve Online introduces free mode

Heroes of the Storm free characters (September 13th)

FFXV pinball on mobile

Minecraft Tumbling

GT Sport delayed indefinitely 

8 person Towerfall is now a thing, on PC only, only in team mode, and only as a separate product

Mario Maker comes to 3DS*

Ark: Survival (still in Early Access) releases $20 DLC

Walking Dead: A New Frontier starts in November