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Episode 51 Notes

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility: Call of Duty 2, Joust 

PlayStation bumps Plus prices up 

Console humble Bundle 

2 step verification 

Forza 6 preview for Gold members (Goldmember pic goes here) 

Cancelled Epic Mickey franchise 

September 7, PlayStation event 

PlayStation Now/PS4 controller coming to PC! 

Sombra ARG update 

Pokemon Go hidden stats revealed-ish 

Witness finds a path to X1 

Dogs apparently don't sleep anymore 

First DLC for Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, revealed 

Toe Jam and Earl being published by Adult Swim Games 

FFXV wants all your money 

FFXV Ultimate Collector's Edition: $270 

Further FFXV concerns 

More Duke incoming? 

Titanfall weekend 2 

Dear Esther coming to console soon 

Destiny stream raises half a million for St. Jude's 

Rick & Morty VR studio
Allison Road back in the driver's seat
Weird story: