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Episode 50 Notes

Topic of the Week: mini games 

@majornelson: Bomberman Battlefest   

Plus EU title updated 

PlayStation 4.00 patch 

PlayStation Flash sale
@Housemarque: Today we are officially letting the info out that Matterfall is indeed a "side scrolling shooter!" #Gamescom  

Cartoon Network brawler 

Battlefront brings Death Star run 

Nioh demo, take 2 

Metal Gear Survive 

Deus Ex Go on mobile 

Details about Watch Dogs 2 pvp revealed 

New Overwatch Map: Castle 

Tomorrow Children will be F2P, launches September 6 

September 1, Axiom Verge comes to Wii U 

Supergirl playing hard to get 

Infinite Warfare zombies mode goes super 80's, includes the Hoff & Pee Wee Herman 

Titanfall 2 console test this weekend & next. Mode details, etc 

Goldeneye: Source 5.0 released 

WoW pre-expansion unites Horde/Alliance to form Horlianced! 

Aaron Greenberg stealth announces Xbox permanent backwards compatibility? 

Below is delayed “indefinitely" 

Facebook gets back into games 

Taken King delayed at least another year for Xbox players