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Episode 47 Notes

Discussion: best Mario series 

@majornelson: NIN2-JUMP, NEW RALLY-X & Mr. DRILLER Online  

Niantic responds to fan feedback, says nothing 

Articuno in Ohio? No Articino for youI! 

Game difficulty increases due to bug 

Neo to be revealed September 7 

DSi store closing soon (September/March) 

Darkest Dungeon on Vita/PS4 September 27!!! 

Thorn returns, and other Year 3 details for Destiny 

FFXV season pass detailed (3 character episodes, an item pack, holiday pack and “expansion") 

Ape Escape 2 on PS4 

Indigo Prophecy 

Xbox 1 S revealed, and it's slightly overclocked 

Frontwire runs into Lucasart issues with Galaxy In Turmoil 

Sister Location coming this October 

Inside trophies show up on PS4, August 23 release date 

Genesis Disney 16-bit party 

USB music limps onto X1
@majornelson: If that link does not work for you search for "Simple Background Music Player" on the store  

NX Mario & Pokemon soon after launch 

Rocket League Rumble Mode 

No Man's Sky patch (more people encounters, multi endings) 

2TB X1 S has gone extinct