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Episode 42 Notes

@majornelson: Fallout: New Vegas & D&D: Chronicles of Mystara, Blood Knights, Red Faction Battlegrounds & Joe Danger, Crystal Quest, Comic Jumper & I Am Alive  

Warcraft flops in USA, still most successful video game movie thus far 

Fable Fortune moves to steam Early Access after poor Kickstart 

Mighty No 9 is available* 

4 hour ending 

New quake episode by Wolfenstein people 

Smooth McGroove Volume 8 on Spotify
Yacht Club reveals yet more free DLC: Spectre Knight campaign 

Devil's Third multiplayer to go offline
Temple of No from Stanley Parable studio

Overwatch feature removed because duh

Roku/Android expansion of Vue service 

Criterion cancels work on driving game, moves team to star wars project

Halo free from 29-5
Minecraft battle mode season pass  costs half as much as the game 

Topic: Christian/gamer definition