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Episode 41 Notes

@majornelson: Left 4 Dead and Portal 2, Flashback, Babel Rising & Brain Challenge are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today

Everyone, meet Riley

Crackdown absent from E3 because it's a 2017 game now

Dynasty Warriors Berserk confirmed

Super Audio Cart brings the (video game) noise

Open source VR announced by Razer $400, coming in July

Clementine's grown up

August 19, limited release for Kingsglaive

Oxygen Not Included has been announced

October 7, Mario Colour Splash

Gravity Rush 2 trailer is pretty

New Bound trailer

New voice for new Kratos

Persona 5 western release doesn't include Japanese audio

Nioh to get a second demo in August

Gun controller for PS4 VR

Gears 4 is cross buy, cross play, cross save and includes the 360 Gears games as a pre-order bonus

Square can ....

Rhythm Heaven Megamix released $30
20 million X1 sold confirmed? Xbox S outputs 4K, Scorpio is only for people with 4K tv's, leaks suck, but poor communication would have been worse

Speaking of poor communication, this feels familiar:

FFXV can be played semi-turn based

Severed going cross platform and cross buy for Nintendo, and you should be happy

PlayStation VR coming to Best Buy and Game Stop 

Skylanders Netflix Norm McDonald

The Surge

Only one year for Dead Rising 4 

Indigo Prophecy as a PS2 Classic

New Colossus