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Episode 40 Notes

@majornelson: Aqua, Anomaly Warzone Earth and Lazy Raiders, Foul Play, MONOPOLY PLUS & SEGA Bass Fishing are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today 

Persona 5 coming west in February 14. I see what you did there, you crazy Phantom Thieves 

Persona 5 event (curious, considering they just gave me literally all the info I need to buy this game) 

Injustice 2 leaked, then revealed (Gear is the most interesting, potentially balance-breaking element of what we've seen) 

Watch_Dogs 2 leaked, then revealed (New protagonist, standin for Anonymous, really seems like they're AC2ing this thing and this is the start of the good titles. I'm in) 

XCOM 2 coming to console in September, Feb was PC release 

Gwent standalone trademarked, hopefully a full title 

Deus Ex Go this summer on mobile 

September 20 Destiny expansion leaves last gen behind (finally) and everybody gets a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher (special black one for pre-ordering suckers) 

Lego Dimensions year 2 detailed (Harry Potter, Gremlins, Goonies, A-team) 

Xbox one tv recording feature put on hold (Never seeing that one) 

Volume expansion coming to PlayStation VR (and for free! This game is really excellent, and I'm glad I own it) 

Mega Man Funko Pop line (Wily, Rock, Rush and Proto Man. I might need them all) 

Bespin comes out June 21 for season pass holders, 2 weeks later for regular people 

Ubisoft bailing out of gameloft (Hopefully to save Ubisoft) 

IGN parent company buys Gawker, Kotaku's parent company (less than two hours after Gawker's bankruptcy was announced... That escalated quickly meme) 

Halo Wars 2 beta starts during Microsoft conference, will last for a week (yay for underappreciated strategy games!)

Weird story: 
Vagina game dev told to change his game completely for App store publication (available for practicing on Google Play)