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Episode 38 Notes

Games with Gold: 
Goat Simulator (X1)
Super Meat Boy (360) 
The Crew (X1) 
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (360) 

Back compatibility
@majornelson: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, DuckTales: Remastered & Hexic 2, Magic 2012, Domino Master & Unbound Saga, SSX 

MH exists, I guess? 

June 21 

FF disease 

PC Rocket Leaguers can play with X1 players 

Oculus update makes piracy easier. Lol of the day. 

Liyla is recognized as a game 

Hello Kitty coming to Super Mario Maker (link) 

Force Awakens season pass ~$9 for 3 levels and bonus cut scenes (and yes, Jar Jar) 

Battle minigame comes to Minecraft 

Monster Hunter Amiibo launching with game October 8 

40 million PS4 sold 

Zelda Wii U demo in New York during E3 

Mirror's Edge tv show rights acquired 

Goat Simulator goes to space, console later 

Kevin loses all hope for Mega Man show 

“Make your enemies cry like anime fan on prom night" 

Inti Creates CEO got pissed 

Via @BethesdaStudios: Mods for #Fallout4 are coming to #Xbox One next week on May 31st. 

CEO mode for GTA? 

Dragonmine Questcraft coming to US 

No Man's Sky delay 

X1 slim, Scorpio, 6x power

Weird: All releasing this year
Doom (announced 2004 as Doom 4) 
Nioh (announced 2004) 
Last Guardian (announced 2009, in development since 2007) 
FFXV (announced 2006 as FF Versus XIII)