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Episode 36 Notes

BlOps one on backwards compatibility

Infinite Warfare to include on rails shooting and space battles

Souls 3 patch breaks more than it fixes… removed, replaced

Gamertag frenzy!

Halo 5's Forge comes to Windows for free 

Google announced Daydream VR mode, coming to Android N this Fall

Hideo Kojima's mascot revealed

Kojima's tour actually served a purpose, to find a new engine for his next game

Division's second free DLC, Conflict, comes out today

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 announced

Pokemon testers wanted

PvZ: Garden Warfare getting substantial free update this summer

EA Access going free for Xbox Gold members June 12-22

EA explains lack of campaign, hopes to improve perception going forward with the series

Sega patches in controller support for classic games on Steam

Tencent (LoL/Riot Games holding company) is releasing a “console" in China

Studio Wildcard buys second creator's mod and hires him

Apple continues its censorship policy on games

Unraveled 2 confirmed by EA

Uncharted 4 has all the accessibility!

World Esports association lasted less than 24 hours before their first major issue

Rise of Iron, Destiny's expansion this fall, includes raid cut from Wolves

Nintendo still not getting it: Minecraft edition

Family guy vs Double Dribble 

Talos Principle sequel coming
Nintendo making movies

Tetris the movie

Assassin's Creed to be only 1/3 in-Animus footage

Free stuff for Warcraft movie goers

Fruit ninja
June 21 Grand Kingdom release 

Yokai Watch 2 coming to the states September 30

Gran Turismo Sport launching November 15 

Arkham Collection July 26, $50
Weird news: 
Mario Maker level of the week
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