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Episode 34 Notes

Playstation Plus 

Games with Gold 

@majornelson: Altered Beast, Comix Zone and The Cave, Double Dragon Neon & Ghostbusters: SoS, Frogger and Galaga Legions DX  


Infinite Warfare 

NIS/Atlus  severing ties for Western publishing 

Clementine to be season 3's protagonist 

This thing 

Ubi to take on cheating 

Rock Band online multiplayer 

Blizzard explores “pristine servers" 

Souls 3 is the end, and Demon Souls remaster not likely 

Nioh Alpha includes graphics options 

Uncharted launch woes 

YouTube content ID fix 

Sega opens weird hub thing, plus mods 

Mods for Fallout 4 coming in May/June to X1/PS4 

Release Dates
DCUO came to X1 Friday Via @MajorNelson

August 23, King of Fighters XIV on PS4 

Darkest Dungeon moved to July/August on PS4/Vita 

Garden Warfare 2 gets ten hour trial on PS4/X1/PC 

Oxenfree comes to PS4 May 31, includes New Game+, also coming to Steam and X1 

Superhot May 3 

Babymetal comes to Mario Maker 

Yokai Watch characters come to FFXIV and vice versa 

Weird news: Fox news gets irritated at Division cheats