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Episode 32 Notes

@majornelson: Garou Mark Of The Wolves, Sonic the Fighters & Duke Nukem Manhattan Project are now available on Xbox One Back Compat

@Kotaku: DOOM 3 and Monaco are now backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Official creation mode for Fallout (coming soon) increasing beta access this week

Evolution bought and re-opened by Codemasters.

4/26, we get a new Vita exclusive for $15, because Drinkbox loves us

Koi comes April 19th (today?)

@PlayStation: Bring light back to the darkness. The beautiful adventure Koi arrives April 19 on PS4.

Dangerous Golf probably coming in June sometime (which was Patrick's prediction)

@3FieldsEnt: We're finishing up in every area right now - Art, Code, Design, FE, HUD, Online, Co-Op. So - we're almost done. #DangerousGolf

Enter the Gungeon sells 200k in its first week!

Leslie Benzies and Rockstar North/Take Two are currently suing each other

Oculus Rift preorders facing severe delays Titanfall 2 will be revealed June 12

Rust characters’ visual aspect now generated randomly

Lando and Dengar coming to Battlefront

Don't Starve gets a new Capy designed expansion: Shipwrecked

FFIX finally comes to Steam, months after announcement

New game from some of the Castlevania folks (including David Cox) Windows, X1, PS4 this year: Raiders of the Broken Planet

Oculus “exclusives" playable on Vive (obviously), Oculus execs pissed (Also obviously)

Drawful 2 to allow user generated content

Division characters suddenly inaccessible

Weird story of the week