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Episode 31 Notes

@jamesid: Discussing poop and booger bonuses with @edmundmcmillen make this job so worth it. :)

**Space holder for Afterbirth console update**

@majornelson: Outland and Gunstar Heroes are Backward Compatible

April 26 – May 5, Nioh gets an open alpha on PS4, unlocks DLC for the full game if you beat it.

That Dark Souls story Kevin mentions

Star Ocean gets international release dates. June 28th June in the US, July 1st for UK

Donald Trump apparently used ME audio without permission for a campaign video

Fan-made voxel version of Legend of Zelda playable in browser

Legend of Zelda 3D tribute shut down by Nintendo, because of course it was

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X available on iOS/Android in the US

Phil Spencer, the source of the Xbox 1.5 rumours, now says it's not a thing?

Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop out today

Eve: Valkyrie coming to all VR headsets, not just Oculus, as originally thought

Halo 5 to get Infection multiplayer mode

Severed trophies are live!

Hand of Fate getting a sequel next year

Rock Band PC fundraising falls flat

Halo warzone firefight starts beta Thursday through Monday, full mode launching this summer

Doom's open beta for multiplayer also this weekend

October eleventh, Gears 4 is released, and will include split screen for all modes

Quantum Break pirates get a patch

Dear Esther coming to consoles this summer

PlayStation firmware update 3.50 brings remote play to PC and Mac

Bonus firmware features with PS4 3.50

Speaking of companies asserting themselves, Blizzard shut down the Nostalrius (vanilla WoW) server

26th of August, Attack on Titan game Wings of Freedom comes to current gen and last gen (including Vita!)

Bonus firmware features with PS4 3.50

@3FieldsEnt: Starting off Saturday with a 4P Online test of #DangerousGolf with video capture for one of the ratings boards.

Alan Wake DLC The Signal and the Writer currently free (no announcement, double check)

New Mario Maker level guidelines offer vague tips, but don't actually explain or fix anything

Duncan Hunter, a vapeing congressman, spent $1300 of campaign money on Steam