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Episode 30 Notes

Killer Instinct Season 3 out now

@XboxViking: Guys! #KISeason3 is releasing for XBOX ONE and Windows 10 tomorrow! Share the hype with hashtag #KISeason3! @XboxP3

Killer Instinct gets single player content

@majornelson: Halo Wars, Soul Calibur II & King of Fighters '98 Left 4 Dead 2 backwards compatible

Via @majorNelson

Turok 1 on Mac, 1 & 2 coming to X1

March 31, Nintendo gets a webshop

Miitomo now live in the US and UK

Rocket League's Dunk House coming this month

PlayStation VR might get ported to PC

Oculus Rift games will be available places other than the official Oculus store Shadow of the Beast launches May 17

You can make X1 games on your X1 for $19

Permadeath & survivor mode come to Far Cry

Destiny gets an emote I would buy

Speaking of things just for me

Quantum Break gets a last minute pre-order bonus switch.

Mouse and keyboard support coming to Xbox this summer, Phil Spencer says they can are offering tools to keep them from destroying controller players in shooters

Source: Unlocked podcast

April 26, Hitman episode 2 arrives, takes place in Italy.

Final Fantasy XV for PC will only be considered once they finish the console launches

They had Sakaguchi, Amano AND Uematsu say something at the beginning of the show to emphasize the idea that they're going back to the series' roots.

Final Fantasy XV is getting a free anime series prequel called Brotherhood, first episode available now. The car radio plays classic FF tunes. King's Glaive will be the full length CG movie available online before the game comes out. Lena Headey voices Luna (the betrothed), Sean Bean voices the king, Aaron Paul voices the main character for the movie. (Nyx) None of these actors will be in the main game. Justice Monsters Five, a minigame from XV, is a mobile game also. Platinum Demo is now on my PS4.

10 million copies need to sell for SE to consider it a “success"

BlOps 3 gets more Zombies, this time in WW2, and continuing a story that started in BlOps 2

April 12, Division brings its first Raid, aka Incursion

Bandai Namco noticed that people streamed their game

Souls 3 isn't even released internationally yet, and somebody's beaten it in under 2 hours