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Episode 29 Notes

Powers season 2 starts May 31, and they refuse to stop spoiling season one 

New backwards compatible games: AC, Grid 2, Dark Void, Dark Souls, Tekken Tag 2 

Xbox Gold games are on fleek with Saint's Row 4, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space and Wolf Among Us 
Bully, Manhunt available on PS4 

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus comes to Vita 

Nintendo continues biting the hand that feeds it 

Doom’s six multiplayer modes revealed, including freeze tag 

Jackbox releasing another party pack, and Drawful 2 separately 

Telltale engine is getting an upgrade, but will it actually fix their games? 

Gametrailers staff announce new site, with Patreon funding 

Binding of Isaac dev releasing a “turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated" 

Stranger of Sword City and Trackmania release on X1 with demos
@majornelson: Trackmania Turbo is now available for Xbox One. Try the demo or buy it now 

March 29th, aka today, Final Tomb Raider DLC is available 

Nuk3town available to everyone 

Rocket League has figured out crossplay 

Robotron 2084 available in Fallout DLC 

Mechanist is apparently part of a fictional universe within Fallout's fictional universe, specifically the Silver Shroud 

Yakuza 0 is coming to the west in 2017, but we're not talking about it until they commit to bringing Yakuza 6 over here 

Atari reveals 100 game collection for Steam 

Sony closes Evolution 

Nintendo probably ending Wii U production 

1.6 million PlayStation VR sales projected 

Minecraft episode 5 announced, 3 more episodes to come 

Lego Star Wars actually changing stuff with 3D battles and third-person blaster fights 

X1 update includes 360 purchasing ability 

April 19, Banner Saga 2 

Sony announces Forwardworks 

Hitman online saves incompatible with offline saves, apparently on purpose 

Steam controller customization files released by Valve 

Dark Souls 3 released now in Japan, but BN says it your experience “will not be complete" if you play it before the international release 

Gears 4 is the start of a new trilogy and covers a single night