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Episode 28 Notes

Axiom Verge coming to X1 and Wii U 

May 24, release date for Mutants in Manhattan 

Xbox declared as being open to playing nice with other platforms, starting with Rocket League! 

Sony refuses to comment directly 

PlayStation Vue goes nationwide 

Automatron coming on the 22nd 

Oddworld: Soulstorm (aka Exodus redid) coming in the latter half of 2017 

World_Combo back in the rankings 

Star Fox Zero introducing invincible mode 

Mario Maker levels getting deleted at a increased rate, Nintendo still mum on the issue 

Vita in the USA not getting I am Setsuna, but square boss declares Vita viable. 

PlayStation VR launching in October for only $400. 

Sony requires 60 fps minimum for  games
Lego Dimensions release includes 20 Midway arcade games 

Far Cry Primal purist/photo mode 

Obsidion announced Tyranny, RPG that sounds like Amalur 

Backwards games!  
@majornelson: Alan Wake, Castlevania: SOTN & PAC-MAN are now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility 

My Nintendo rewards 

Below now coming to PC as well as X1 

Rime's developer takes back IP rights from Sony. 

Outer Rim release dates earlier for season pass holders: available now 

Spectator mode also introduced 

Shadow Complex Remastered available now on X1, coming to Steam and PS4 in May