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Episode 27 Notes

From last week, Phil Spencer is excited about Uncharted, calls any fanboy who want the other platform to fail “not a real gamer" 

May 24 release date for Overwatch 

Lionhead Studio shuts down, Fable Legends ends 

Sony Europe hold recruitment event for employees 

June 3 for Carmageddon 

@tyronerodriguez: Final submissions for The Binding of Isaac: 

The Division crashes servers 

Division trolling and laptop slowdown patched out 

Capcom's new online policy being enforced 

Battlefront's free March update (including single player content) 

Also, be a Star Wars enforcer for the Hutts and the rest of Outer Rim DLC coming April 5 

Wells Fargo employees being sued by the SEC for matters related to 38 Studios' loan 

New Rock Band 4 peripherals from ... Not Mad Catz 

Alienation! April 26! Guns! Aliens! Twin sticks!  

JD Fenix, Marcus' son, is the main protagonist in Gears 4. Laura Bailey revealed as another playable character's voice. Split screen verified 

Everything, a PS4 game where you can play as... Everything?  

Prison Architect 3D mode found... Five months after launch.  

Worms WMD coming to PS4 (also X1 and Steam, I believe) 

EVE Online's new minigame assisting with real world science puzzles 

Amazon Japan now shipping internationally!  

Sumo Digital taking over Dead Island 2 

Hitman keeps on hitting … and missing frames, apparently 

Fallen Legion looks awesome! Summer release for Vita/PS4 

Day and date on Vita 

Speaking of Vita:  
@AxiomVerge: Axiom Verge Vita has been officially submitted to Sony for certification! We’ll know launch date as soon as it passes cert. #FingersCrossed 

The Doom Beta starts on the 31st for people who bought New Order. 

Hearthstone leak, Whispers of the Old Gods 

Disney Infinity leaks Dory via Mac and cheese 

Dead Star leaked as free for PS4 in April 

Rocket League getting a basketball mode, which we will be spectating only 

General Raam coming to Killer Instinct 

Everquest Next dies 

Dying Light/RocketLeague