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Episode 26 Notes

Nintendo creates “Nintendo Selects", classic cheaper games 

Deliverance: Kingdom Come may have its PC release delayed while they get it working on consoles. 

Harmonix looking for funding to launch PC version of Rock Band 

Forza 6: Apex and Beyond(!) coming to PC as F2P platform 

Killer Instinct season 3 coming March 29 (Kim Wu, Arbiter, Tusk, Rash) 

Minecraft Combat update 

Fallout 4 settlement update 

March 15, MGS patch adds Quiet, more outfits and gestures 

PS4 update detailed: party stuff, appear offline, Remote Play with PC/Mac 

Xbox firmware update: Achievements section, better 360 integration (already discussed, but it's out) 

Carcassonne available via BC 

Vampyr revealed as Don'tNod's next project, and Kevin will probably buy it. 

HoloLens starts doing dev kit March 30 

Phil Spencer talks about upgrading the X1 

Disney Infinity expands 3.0 this year 

Uncharted delayed… again. May 10 is the new date 


Rocket League qualifying starts March 25, live on Twitch 

Star Wars DLC finally begins! Greedo, Niub Niub (or whatever. The chatty one) 

John Boyega wants a campaign, too… 

Necropolis gets pushed to summer, BN publishing console ports 

Steam bundle thing 

Koi, the first game out of China, is coming to the US 

Dead Island definitive revealed 

Nintendo Direct 

Palmer Luckey calls Apple out on their GPU quality 

6-21 release date for No Man's Sky 

Shadow Moses cancelled. =( 

Gamestop introduces “ship from store" 
NX Rumors (From Geno)