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Episode 25 Notes

Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment
Lords of the Fallen (X1),
Supreme Commander 2 (360)
• Broforce, PS4
Flame Over, PS Vita
Galak-Z, PS4
The Last Guy, PS3
• Reality Fighters, PS Vita
Super Stardust HD, PS3


Arbiter coming to Killer Instinct

Halo 5 getting Firefight “later this year"

Bioshock collection rated in Brazil

Division beta 6.4 million users

Doom on Xbox gets you original 1 & 2

Geometry Wars Retro on backwards compatibility

NIS bringing 3 new Japanese weirdness, including Psycho-Pass

Carmageddon coming to X1, PS4 mid 2016

Fallout 4 mods coming to console in May(ish)

Jay and Silent Bob video game seeks funding, states intention to be accessible to people “who haven't played video games in a while or ever”. Pillars of Eternity guy involved somehow.

Rocket League 70 million in sales (C&GL Wednesday). Rocket League was the most downloaded PlayStation Plus title ever, according to Jeremy Dunham.
Batman v Superman Batmobile coming to Rocket League

 Rocket League getting physical release

Hitman gets second beta, March 4-6 (Friday) for PS+ users only

Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 coming to current gen consoles

Pokemon Sun and Moon announced for holiday, Red, Blue and Yellow + cross-… ball?

Battlefield 5 may be set in WWI

Ubisoft under financial attack by Vivendi

Battlefront February update, Twilight on Hoth

Never-ending Nightmares comes to PS4 & Vita

Darkest Dungeon coming to PS4/Vita “late Spring/summer”
@DarkestDungeon: You bet your butt its going to get released! Late Spring/Summer! We want our game on PS4/VITA more than anyone else. 

Salt & Sanctuary coming in Q1, soon to Vita