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Episode 23 Notes

Division open Beta February 19-21

3DM taking a year off (Witness discussion from last week)

Microsoft on the Red Dead thing

Dark Souls 3 omigod omigod omigod Dark Souls 3 omigod

Grifball coming to Halo 5 in the February update

Final Fantasy IX for iOS/Android shuts down

Amazon releases modified Cry Engine for completely free
… and has a zombie clause
PS3 controllers can be used for Street Fighter V
Rocket League releasing on the seventeenth for $19.99 with DLC included
Nintendo licensing plans 
Mario Calculator
Walking Dead mini series February 23, monthly episodes

Sonic movie being made with a combo of live action and CGI

Microsoft really wants you to pre-order Quantum Break

Phil Spencer wants games to be cross platform between X1 and PC 

Rocket League's new levels and season now available 

New backwards compatible games available (Lego Batman, American Nightmare, no Red Dead), new system awful

Watch Dogs 2 confirmed, and South Park will be released before the end of April, 2017 

Fallout 4 getting legit survivor mode

Chrono Trigger tribute
Justice Scalia's defense of violent video games under free speech

FBI makes awful anti-jihad game