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Episode 22 Notes

February 3, Bayonetta came to Smash Bros

PlayStation Voting starts February 9 

Despite high levels of piracy, Witness generates more revenue in one week than Braid did in a year. 

Bethesda has a second E3 conference scheduled for Sunday at 9

EA not doing their regular E3 presence, conference Sunday 

Kotaku Review of Football
Psychonauts 2 funding on hold, pending SEC ruling

Cliff Blizinsky says FPS campaigns cost 75% of the budget 

Fake cheat set up in CS:GO to automatically ban users attempting to cheat

 Anti-swatting Representative Clark gets swatted

Nintendo now exploring VR for NX, complete turnaround from last E3

Splatoon sells 4M copies, Wii U up to 12 million units sold

Superhot coming out on PC February 25, Xbox to follow within “a few weeks" 

Street Fighter V story mode to include an hour of cinematics, be “more complicated than Star Wars”, and inserted between IV & III in the timeline 

Lego Force Awakens coming June 28 
… and they've already announced a season pass and Deluxe edition

Stealth and many more features revealed that will be a part of FFXV, another demo announced, release date will be released March 30

Hearthstone changes! [Look at Patrick and remember to nod while he explains]

X1 Far Cry Primal pre-order comes with free Valiant Hearts 

Division player stats are kept on PC, and can be manipulated by users, will be fixed 

Miitomo and My Nintendo launching in March, and coming stateside.

Witness being considered for port to X1, mobile 

Dust 514 shutting down in May

Vita store issues fixed (battery issue verified)

New Rocket League maps and modes! 

Doom release date: May 13

Batman: Arkham Knight cancelled for Mac/Linux

Red Dead Redemption (And others) available via backwards compatibility (sort of)

H1Z1 splitting into two games, one of which is competitive shooter coming to console.

Mother 3 coming stateside!