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Episode 21 Notes

Games with Gold: Hand of Fate and Styx in that order for X1, Sacred Citadel and Gears 2 for 360 

PlayStation Plus offerings 

Mighty No. 9 delayed to spring, Kevin finds himself indifferent 

Dangerous Golf coming in May, and there was much rejoicing (yay) 

Microsoft refunds $8K FIFA bill 

Halo 5 community maps now available to be voted on 

Her Story 2 announced 

Mutants In Manhattan trailer out, release coming this summer, last gen and PC, but not Wii U 

Insomniac announces Song of the Deep, coming this spring 

Umbrella Corps launching on PS4 & PC in May 

Pikachu the detective coming to 3DS 

Saint's Row PSP released for free 

FNAF World removed by author, will be free when it returns 

Rocket League rankings restructured 

Updates for Battlefront detailed 

Quantum Break coming to PC 

Homefront The Revolution will have microtransactions, but free DLC for "at least a year" 

Destiny Microtransactions Ammunition 

Dark Souls 3 screenshots released, reveal ties to DkS1. Will #10 be our leveling up companion? 

Sony Interactive Entertainment formed from SCEA and Sony Network Entertainment 

Mario Maker glitch found & fixed 

Peter Molyneux gets hacked, fake retirement posted 

Titanfall 2 and Andromeda scheduled to be released before March of next year 

Vita update 3.57 is causing problems with battery life and store interactions 

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir on Vita is the best selling retail game in Japan 

Odin Sphere comes to browsers 

Fallout New Vegas getting multiplayer 

The Following (Dying Light expansion) is twice as big as the core game 

Gaming Loot Crate 

Donald Rumsfeld releases a mobile game, Churchill Solitaire 

Moon Landing Conspiracy/Mockumentary 

Total Biscuit quits social media