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Episode 20 Notes

Amazon Prime 20% off Video Game pre-orders and new releases for Prime Members

Sleep in a cave for Far Cry Primal

Kojima's A Team 

Rock Band 1 songs can be exported* 

Phil Spencer shoots down rumours that 360 servers are shutting down 

Phantasy Star 2 closed beta in Japan

Witness coming to X1 maybe, but its submission to ESRB is a cost efficient measure, not a clue to a future release (Out now for $40, which apparently surprised some people?)

Mario Kart 64 coming to Wii U 

Danganrompa coming to Steam next month

Five nights at Freddy's RPG released early, rushed (according to Cawthon) 

X1 update for February brings avatar store to the next gen

Fallout 4 radio station

January 26th release of Baba Yaga DLC

Filming concluded on AC movie, coming this December.

Destiny 2 Delayed 

Screenshots of Mutants in Manhattan leak online (I want the Bold move meme here) 

Fire Emblem Fates' western release removing or altering the drugging, “gay fixing" scene

Dark Souls comic coming

April 15, Bravely Second comes to US

Iron Maiden making an RPG for phones 

360 disc scratching lawsuit reaches supreme court 

Witcher 2 backwards compatible and free until February. Also, Xbox will be releasing games when they're ready, rather than monthly batches.

March 4, Mortal Kombat XL releases in North America

Warner bros releasing Kombat pack 2… but not for PC

Splatoon final level has been released

Atari to bring 100 title bundle this Spring