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Episode 19 Notes

Palmer Luckey says PlayStation VR “Not quite as high-end as Oculus"

Vive pre-order starts Feb 29, launches in April

Psychonauts plot outlined, takes place immediately after first game

Psychonauts coming to PS4, no word of trophies, but probably there will be?

DCUO still alive, kicking and coming to X1

Chinese company makes Tesla competitor, calls it the FFZero 1

For Honor has single player campaign

Ratchet and Clank PS4 coming 4/20

FFXV to have the action version of ATB vs wait mechanics?

Box Boy gets sequel

May 17, we finally get Homefront 2

Jan 19-24th, EA Access free

EA Access launches on PC

Sony tries and fails to trademark "Let's Play"

Ant-Man and Civil War characters coming exclusively to PlayStation versions of Lego Avengers

June 7 release date for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, and it's coming to VITA!

Respawn announces Titanfall 2, also hiring for unnamed project.

Hitman preorders cancelled on PS4, Square says "Don't Panic" (update: entire game structure changing again. Second link)

Square holds press conference for Dragon Quest 30th anniversary, pleases nobody with Heroes announcement

Shovel Knight amiibo can be scanned through packaging (and they did that on purpose)

World of Tanks out today, no PS+ required

Daisy coming to Mario Maker via special level (did we mention the southwest airlines thing last week?)

Twilight Princess to include new dungeon, available only via Wolf Link amiibo

Oxenfree released January 15, PS4 version coming

The Witness has Ellie from Last of Us

Pokken releasing March 18

Fallout 4 patch fixes things. Highlights: settler counts, happiness, decapitation

Witcher 3 expansion is awesome, will be Geralt's last adventure

Hypercharge in alpha for X1/PC release