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Episode 62 Notes

Skate3, scarygirl, Mass Effect 2/3,  backwards compatible 

@Wario64: Skate 3 San Van Party Pack DLC is free only for a limited time, Nov 10 to Nov 20 

Mass Effect Andromeda not the start of a new trilogy 

@TWIOCH: Love free games & demos? 
Today through this weekend, you can try out #RainbowSixSiege (PC/X1/PS4) and #Overwatch (PC/PS4).  

Gone Home free on 

Xbox Insider available to all! 

Nostalrius is coming back (allegedly) 

Niantic puts the stop back in pokestop 

Miitomo lets you update your room: posters, sidekicks, etc 

Nintendo is doing precisely what they insisted last week they weren't doing: 

RE7 will sell 4M at launch?