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Episode 16 Notes

Show Notes and Sources:
Unravel February 9

Banner Saga coming to PS4, X1 Jan 12, Vita version "not cancelled"(

Destiny level boosters for $30

Knuckles and Tails Mii outfits released 

Cloud goes live, Bayonetta will be the last one.  

Kojima Productions! PS4 console exclusive they will come to PC, he gets his own studio from Sony, @eurogamer: Hideo Kojima is being joined by MGS artist (Yoji Shinkawa) and producer (Ken Imaizumi).
Konami hiring for "New Metal Gear" 

New Mario Maker Elements, including invisible P-block doors 

Rocket League revenue nearing 50M, exponentially outpacing its 2M budget 

Persona 5 or FFXV? 

Blood Rocks for 60 Echoes 

Black Ops 3 DLC not coming to last gen 

God Eater Resurrection & 2, Tales of Berseria, 

Games with Gold: Killer Instinct season one, Zheros. Deus Ex Human Revolution & Dirt Showdown 360 

Battlefront will contain no Force Awakens DLC 

Beatles on Spotify!